Production Photos

The following photos were taken over several days during our time in Studio 6 at C Electric. A few lucky audience members are featured in the shots. The backdrop was painted by Michael in Cicncinnati and carried to Edinburgh in his luggage. The vertical set pieces were constructed in our flat as seen below.

P1010126_thumb.jpg P1010127_thumb.jpg P1010095_thumb.jpg P1010133_thumb.jpg P1010098_thumb.jpg P1010100_thumb.jpg P1010135_thumb.jpg P1010104_thumb.jpg P1010143_thumb.jpg P1010108_thumb.jpg  P1010068_thumb.jpg P1010070_thumb.jpg  
Photos by Michael Minahan

Set Construction

Two days before our tech, we mixed cement in our lovely flat in New Town, then set the posts into the buckets. We carried the finished pieces across town the next afternoon.

Photos by Sara Vaught

Publicity Photos

photos by Sarah Niblack